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Photo Studio Rules

Your time in the studio includes set up and clean up so please plan accordingly.

Please clean the studio after every shoot ie; sweeping or mopping the floor, taking the garbage out, etc... Please be courteous of others and leave the studio as you would like when you arrive for a shoot. In an effort to keep it looking great,  please spot clean the floors or walls as they can dirty very easily.

Please notify management if there is any damage to the studio when you arrive otherwise you may be charged for someone's mistake. If you do not report something, you could be held responsible by the person following. 

No paint in the Studio. No open fires, candles or flames of any kind.  No nails, pins, paint etc on the walls. If you need to adhere something, use command hooks, putty or a gentle tape. If you damage the walls in any way, you are responsible for repairs. You may hang things from the ceiling joists but must remove everything before you leave.

You may bring furniture to the Studio but do not drag the furniture across the floor.

Please lock the building when you leave. 

You will be charged $50 if you break any of these rules

We do not allow any photo shoots that promote anything vulgar or sexual in any way.